Urban Storage Guide

If you are curious about ideas of how to store your LEGO storage you’ve landed in the right place.

Ten years after my first home condo purchase, the LEGO bug bit me again and my dark age officially ended. I had intentionally purchased a smaller space and was happy with what I found. After acquiring numerous sets to build and then break down for brick, I consciously realized my space limitations. After a few false starts of sorting by color and experimenting with different storage containers I arrived at a system that works for me.

This site is geared toward those in smaller spaces but hopefully those lucky enough to have dedicated rooms or basements can find some useful information. I’ve decided to share my lessons learned in the hope of helping anyone out there in a similar situation.

Please send me any feedback or storage ideas you might have. My hope is to regularly update this site with new information and solutions from anywhere I can get them.

Happy and healthy storage!

Kevin Moses  – urbanbrickbuilder@gmail.com

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