A large part of effective storage management is keeping up with it and not letting bricks build up.

Getting in the habit

For parts I have two large minifig head storage containers. As new brick comes in I dump them into the heads and once both are filled it’s time to sort and file them away. This is usually done in two stages. First I’ll coarse sort by general groups (brick, slope, round, technic, etc.) into zip lock bags while watching TV or listening to music. At a different time I’ll then take those and put them away in their specific containers.

I’ve found this is the single most effective way to keep unsorted clutter down.

Keep an eye out

Sometimes coarse storage/sort can inspire creativity – While you are coarse sorting keep an eye out for interesting parts or new possible connections. On more than one occasion I’ve had inspiration for part of a MOC based on what I’ve come across rummaging about. The “zone out” effect of doing the coarse sort with a TV or music can sometimes free your mind and let this happen.

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