Limited space requires items be packed more tightly and therefore less physically accessible. Proper labeling is critical to effectively keep track of what you have and where it is.

Label types

For medium to large storage containers without loose parts I use large mailing labels and a sharpie to indicate what’s inside.

For part storage I use and highly recommend Tom Alphin’s label system. It has a great taxonomy.

For part storage I use and highly recommend Tom Alphin’s label system at His taxonomy works well and the fact each label has both the image and the part number is very useful. The labels are made using an inexpensive Brother P-touch printer which uses thermal adhesive tape. The tape comes in numerous colors and styles allowing you to customize your labeling to whatever desired.

PRO TIP: Check Costco and Amazon for Brother printing tape. They have the best prices.


It’s a good idea to place labels on two adjacent sides of a container. This ensures you can place them either length wise or width wise and still have the labels be visible.

P-touch tape is quite resilient and can be removed and re-applied a few times before wearing out. This is very useful when moving bricks to different containers.

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